Eleonora, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Eleonora has refined taste and individualism.

This girl seemed born for luxurious balls. In her behavior, appearance looks nobility. Eleonora speaks beautifully and is able to convince with her eloquence. She likes role-playing games. Each lovemaking for her is like a theatrical performance, where she should look your best.

Model’s Name: Eleonora

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Eleonora is very talented, beautiful & well-built girl. She loves to travel, beautiful and easy to live. Loves animals, flowers - dahlias and lilies of the valley.

This girl has a special magnetism that conquers people. She has an excellent education that helps her achieve a lot in life. Eleonora is constantly working on herself in all senses. She maintains the perfect figure, reads a lot.


  • Eleonora has a great success with men in the first stage of intimate relationships: she is intelligent, charming, seductive.
  • She is active in bed, it is not enough for her to get satisfaction, she finds immense pleasure in enjoying her partner, feeling how her “sexual actions” are growing, gaining confidence in herself.
  • Eleonora creates an aura of mystery around her. She knows how to intrigue!
  • Most of all, she is fascinated by the light rustle of money. Having become a model of our Bangkok agency, she can enjoy this sound whenever she wants. And this allows her to feel like a goddess. But behind her materialism lies a subtle soul that wants understanding, warmth and caress.
  • Eleonora loves to be unusual. She is attracted to everything unusual, strange, paranormal, she is a dreamy and sentimental person.
  • This girl is not only beautiful, but also talented, she enjoys great success with men.

For Eleonora, kisses are an essential part of intimate contact. The phase of the foreplay should be no less long than the act itself. The exchange of tenderness is an expression of the spiritual unity of Eleonora with her partner.

A huge sexual impulse for Eleonora is the nudity of a partner, it gives her a strong erotic feeling, especially if she knows about the desire of a partner who demonstrates his attraction. Both kissing and tender words, a whisper of love is an integral part of mutual sexual arousal.

Her intuition is well developed, Eleonora is constantly busy with self-analysis and self-improvement. These abilities help her to understand people well, to notice various details and not to make rash actions.


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