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Bangkok escort model Diana is a divine girl with velvet skin.

She is pleased with bright, creative personalities with whom she is always fell herself happy. Diana is always ready for sex. She falls in love immediately, from the moment of the first meeting. Many men are crazy about her. She pays tribute to the intellectual level of the partner.

Model’s Name: Diana

Age 22

Height: 170

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Diana is nice & friendly. Diana knows how to be successful, she is very popular escort model. She goes to her goal slowly but surely, thinking about each step.

This 22-year-old girl always knows how to please customers. She has a beautiful physique: Diana is slim, she has 2nd breast size, waist - 60, hips - 90. Real elite escort model is at your service! The process of flirting gives her great pleasure.


  • For her, sex is health and tranquility.
  • Diana wears stylish clothes of rare models, brightly paints her lips, she is spectacular girl who can intrigue any man without much difficulty.
  • She has the talent of an actress, and it is realized precisely in communication with men.
  • Diana manifests herself with the greatest force in love, her sexual potential is great, she is fully revealed in sexual intercourse.
  • Her bright individuality is manifested in intimate relationships, and she has no competitors.
  • For Diana, the impossible is possible; she always copes with everything, because she has endless energy, and uses logic. This is a very emotional and sensitive girl, her feelings are always deep.

Diana is perfect in bed, but she needs the emotional filling of each connection, she is waiting for extraordinary love, understanding from her partner - then Diana’s response feelings will be unique.

She will surround the partner with warmth and tenderness, give him all the best that she has. Sensitivity and the depth of love make her a great, gentle partner. Diana acts perfectly if she feels loved, she tries to bring her partner to a culmination which brings her complete happiness.

This is a very cheerful and energetic girl, who always needs to strive towards the goal. Each task seems to her most important in her life. This is repeated every time, which is why she has become one of the most successful escort models in Bangkok. Diana performs her duties carefully and professionally. She never hurries and doesn't miss anything; she shows firmness in her escort services.


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