Camille, 21 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Camille knows how to charm.

Camille is artistic and loves to dance. This cheerful and positive girl knows how to please even the most demanding customers. All her actions can seem mysterious and intriguing for those who are not familiar with Camille closer.

Model’s Name: Camille

Age 21

Height: 175

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Camille is single-minded and sets a high standard in providing escort services. However, her goals are always realistic, so she does achieve a lot.

Camille prefers to be in an intelligent society. The girl is by nature non-conflicting. Although she is emotional, she successfully hides her feelings from outsiders. Camille tries not to make empty promises and is often straightforward.


  • She is very good at relaxing and can teach this to others. Camille has a lot of fans, including in Russia. This beauty is very popular.
  • Camille strives for perfection, she has a great taste in art, likes beautiful things and luxury comfort.
  • In bed, Camille is deeply relaxed, she loves long caresses and is ready to make love all day long.
  • Camille is perfect in every way the best. She will be a great choice of a well-respected man.
  • In communication, Camille is simple and open, but at the request of the client can be proud during a business meeting.
  • The main features of her character: intuition, sociability, receptivity, excitability.

Camille is rather curious, extremely susceptible, and, as a rule, she knows how to feel people. She knows how to understand the characters of the motives and intentions of other people in the blink of an eye, and she herself is also able to do everything so that she can be understood as easily as she herself understands others.

Since childhood, a girl has been keen on collecting photos of famous theater and film actors. Perhaps that is why she decided to become an escort model. Camille interested in everything related to the beautiful. She likes to dream of jewels, palaces and magnificent receptions. Camille adores villas and expensive cars.

This is an original and unusual girl. She is brave, always remains alert. Almost every decision Camille carefully weighs and changes her mind several times before she does or tells something. She has excellent manners and knows how to behave in high society.


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