Anastasiya, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Anastasiya is a sweet and spontaneous girl.

Anastasiya is a beautiful, intelligent, gentle, dreamy girl with sexy legs. She has a well-developed intuition, thanks to which she copes well with her escort duties. She is romantic and prone to idealism, well-disposed. Anastasiya always providing high quality escort services.

Model’s Name: Anastasiya

Age 23

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Anastasiya is the embodiment of charm, elegance and bright positive emotions. This awesome model from our Bangkok agency is ready to accept both love and alienation.

Anastasiya is amazingly capable of guessing the desires of clients, in addition to this, she is intelligent and there is always something to talk with. When she renders escort services, then for her there is no one except the client and she pays all her attention only to him.


  • Anastasiya has a subtle spiritual spirit & unmistakable intuition.
  • Escort for her is an art, the art of making satisfied clients.
  • She is a very seductive girl with a vivid fantasies.
  • In an intimate setting Anastasiya sometimes gives the impression of a shy and quiet girl. However, with an attentive partner, she flourishes and turns into a passionate goddess. In any case she can perfectly plays both roles if you want to.
  • Anastasiya always has something to talk about, she is very curious and interested in almost everything.
  • She is the charm itself. Her cheerful & light temper contributes to the fact that she always gets along with everyone, always finds an approach to any person in any situation.

Anastasiya became a beautiful escort queen thanks to her professional skills. Sometimes she is interested in sewing and cooking. In her free time, she likes to read novels and draw. She pays attention to colors, white is one of her favorite colors, and she also likes elegant things.

This escort model from our Bangkok agency has a good taste, she adores beautiful vases, white flowers and beautiful dresses. She tries to turn enemies into friends. Anastasiya lives in anticipation of joy, every day is a holiday for her. She easily adapts to the wishes of the client.

She could have become a psychologist or an artist, but she chose an escort because she loves to communicate with gentlemen. She is an obedient girl and easy to touch. Anastasia loves to give her clients tenderness, care and good mood. Anastasiya adores strong and courageous men.


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