Alina, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Alina is a very sexy & sweet baby.

Alina loves strong-willed men. For her, sex is of particular importance. Her sexuality shows up gradually. Sex for her is either all or nothing. She can give a lot to her client, she always knows what she is doing.

Model’s Name: Alina

Age 27

Height: 170

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

Alina has an excellent memory and acumen. She really is able to grasp new information quickly enough. This allows her to be successful in work and provide escort services of the highest class.

Alina is a beautiful & sexy 27 years old escort model. She has a neat second size breast. Her height is 170 cm, waist is 60 cm & thighs is 90 cm, weight is 54 kg. Alina looks great because she likes fresh fruit, especially large ripe bananas.


  • She miraculously knows how to control herself and is tactful in any situations.
  • Alina is more of an extrovert with a rich inner world, but she will be glad to share it in an intimate setting.
  • Surround her with care, then this girl will be affectionate and obedient to the fullest. At the same time she doesn’t allow herself liberties.
  • Alina loves to take an outdoor shower in warm weather. She has a gorgeous figure and a great ass.
  • Alina has a pretty strong erotic libido, she likes to have sex for a long time, while, unlike many other women, she is not interested in the environment.
  • From the beginning she pays attention to the appearance of the man, she also appreciates the mind, strength & sexual experience.

She constantly feels the need to give herself away - to love someone, to care for, to take care of someone. That is why Alina started working in escort and achieved great success in this work.

Alina is too excitable. She manages to hide it under the apparent coldness of being in a restaurant and accompanying you to a business meeting, but as soon as she be alone with you she will show you how the fire of her passions flares up.

Alina easily understands the deeply hidden desires of her clients. It is impossible to deceive her. She has an innate sense of tact, she is diplomatic, skillfully uses her abilities, has an excellent memory and has a huge interest in life. Alina is a dreamer and an incorrigible romantic. She was offered to become a model and a stewardess, but she chose an escort because she loves the attention of wealthy men.


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