Alice, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Alice is a nice beauty in the flesh.

Alice has a pronounced personality and grace, she loves comfort, beautiful men and everything beautiful in general. She is endowed with a sense of self-esteem, but doesn’t try to somehow harm male’s pride, but, on the contrary, helps a man to reveal his virtues.

Model’s Name: Alice

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 50

Size: 36D/24/36

Alice has a kind heart and a cheerful disposition. She is a fantasist and a true connoisseur of beauty; in intimate relationships she prefers refined romance.

Alice is slim athletic girl. Her waist is 60 cm, hips is 90, weight is 50 kg. She loves fitness and jogging & also interesting in golf, that’s why she always looks great and very popular. Alice loves active rest, she is a very kind and optimistic girl. Alice is sociable and has a good sense of humor.


  • Alice is a little vulnerable, but at the same time she doesn’t hold grudges.
  • Dreaminess helps her quickly regain her mental balance, she feels happy in company with a wealthy gentleman.
  • She is very gentle and sensitive girl with a velvet skin.
  • Alice is a romantic girl with a passion & provides amazing escort services. Never doubt her honesty. It has a special meaning for her.
  • She has almost no flaws. Everyone loves her, Alice has many loyal and faithful friends. Alice is prone to wit, which makes her a fun and sociable girl.
  • Alice has a well-developed taste and an innate sense of measure. She loves and knows how to create a home comfort.

Alice loves all unusual, she loves to visit various art exhibitions and concerts, exhibitions and theater premieres. Alice attaches great importance to trust and honesty. She always finds an opportunity to settle any conflict. And if the client is able to appreciate this treasure, then he will receive the highest class escort service.

The girl is characterized by great life energy; Alice has chosen an optimal diet for herself, thanks to which she continues to amaze clients with her good health, high energy and positive mood & she is always happy to share positive emotions to others.

This baby is the universal favorite. She loves new acquaintances with wealthy and successful men, but at the same time she behaves in their society modestly, gracefully emphasizing the status of the client. She does her job calmly and always brings it perfectly to the end.


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