Alice, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Alice is a cute blonde with a charming smile.

She doesn't like to show her inner world to others. This girl behaves quite restrained. Her moral principles may vary depending on what is currently beneficial to the client. This girl has great potential and strives to living her life to the fullest. Everything is important to her.

Model’s Name: Alice

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 54

Size: 36D/24/36

This girl is very popular with men. She always believes only in good and tries to instill this feeling in others. She remains an optimist and cheerful person in any situation.

This girl is characterized by impeccable behaviors. She is able to create a unique atmosphere of calm and well-being in any company. This girl loves sports, enjoys reading fantastic literature. Her responsiveness and kindness attract other people to her.


  • The girl is interested in art. She loves theater and music.
  • She has pronounced volitional qualities and a sense of duty, that’s why she is very successful.
  • This girl loves expensive restaurants and swimming pools. She is always fun and really nice in luxury leisure.
  • She never gives up and seeks to achieve her goals. This beauty is absolutely not conflict.
  • This escort model is sweet, kind and beautiful lady. She is perfectly able to navigate in almost any life situation. This girl easily adapts to the circumstances and wishes of her clients.
  • She knows how to win the respect and love of others. This girl is always happy to share her knowledge and positive emotions.

She is a multifaceted girl. She reads a lot, perfectly understands the humor. She is hardworking, devoted to her job and stubbornly goes to her goals. Sometimes the work takes all her free time, but she likes it.

This beauty feels the need to be the center of attention. In her life, spiritual and physical comfort is important. She always look for original ways to provide escort services, that's why she is loved. This cheerful girl subtly perceives beauty. She has some artistic skills. Customers always like her ideas. This girl likes to make people happy. She is soft and romantic by nature. This girl is sexy & unique.

She avoids conflicts, this girl is not prone to envy and revenge. Her actions are difficult to predict, she is impulsive and can suddenly pack up for a trip that she hasn't planned at all, especially if she was invited on a trip by her client.


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