Alevtina, 22 - Bangkok Russian Escorts

Bangkok escort model Alevtina is very sexy & has sweet breasts.

She always picks up the perfect perfume. This girl doesn’t like women's companies and gossip, she considers herself above it. In relations with clients Alevtina is tactful and restrained, she knows etiquette very well plus she has awesome body!

Model’s Name: Alevtina

Age 22

Height: 174

Weight: 53

Size: 36D/24/36

This Russian escort model is a passionate lioness, who able to warm in the cold and quench your thirst in the hot summer.

Alevtina has not only a rare name, but also a rare character plus a delightful body. She is a very sexy and bright personality. Alevtina is always willing to chat on intimate topics, she loves to flirt and relaxed privacy with dim lights and soft romantic music.


  • She has a friendly character. Alevtina is not conflicted and knows when to keep silent.
  • She is very attentive to her appearance and always pays due attention to makeup.
  • Alevtina’s skin is perfect! She loves aroma oils & takes care of her body.
  • She has not only a bright appearance, but also a pleasant voice, moreover, she is not inclined to excessive talkativeness.
  • This girl will help improve your social status among your friends or business colleagues.
  • She tries to be very attentive and sensitive in order to satisfy every client to the maximum while providing escort services.

Alevtina loves to dream and has a rich imagination. The feeling of being different from others cherishes in Alevtina sense of considerable pride, confidence in one's uniqueness and even in one's superiority over other girls. And yes, she is in great demand not only in Russia but other countries too.

She feels much better and much more confident being in a company of a polite gentleman. Her straightforwardness and sense of justice leads to the fact that most often Alevtina is very caring about every of her clients, like a real lioness. She is awesome!

Being extremely successful, this young girl doesn’t waste time on idle talk with women, but finds interlocutors and friends among wealthy men, she is not averse to drinking a glass of a good wine in a restaurant. She is a leader by nature. The girl loves outdoor activities & will be very happy to swim with you while relaxing on a yacht or bask under the sun while sipping orange juice or martini.


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